Level 1 Training

The Emei Qigong Level I provides a great deal of information and numerous valuable practices to help balance the body, calm the mind and emotions, and develop along the path of enlightenment.  The material in this teaching can be used to heal oneself and others. It is appropriate for those who are novices and for those who are advanced meditators or professional healers.

Level I

If you are challenged by illness: This seminar will offer you pith teachings and essential practices for healing specific disorders, regaining health and then maintaining a higher level of physical health, emotional balance and spiritual development.

For the serious student searching for the right school to follow:
You have found a complete body of teachings from one of the most highly respected Buddhist traditions in Asia. The teachings of the Emei school are both vast and profound and extend into all areas of human life. The skills learned here can provide you with life-long tools to help removing suffering and cultivate happiness for yourself and others.

For the curious:
The material offered here is information that every human being should know.  We invite you to expand your thinking and understanding of the Universe, and to realize the tremendous potential of each individual human life.   These life-changing teachings can greatly benefit you and all those you interact with in life.

Join us and begin a profound level developing both your the physical and non-physical being, reducing suffering and increasing happiness for oneself and all sentient beings!

See the entire class schedule The group healing offered at the end of the day Sunday may be attended by anyone. The schedule has been arranged so your family members and friends may have an opportunity to receive the healing benefits even if they have not participated in the training. For information about seminars in specific cities, please check under Seminars .

The following is the general course content:

Day one

1.   Learn  techniques for experiencing Qi and engage your ability to sense Qi.

2.   Learn the Emei Wuji  practice. Wuji Gong is the powerful fundamental form of the Emei Qigong lineage. A moving meditation that balances both the mind and the physiology,  it is the foundation relied upon by both beginners and advanced practitioners. It helps restore health and provides strong support to relieve suffering and increase happiness. Continued practice will be performed daily during this training.

3.   Brief history of Emei Qigong

4.   What is Qigong?

5.   Emei Lineage view of the Universe

6.   Qi information in everything

7.   Secrets of Qi information healing ability

8.   Elements of Qi information healing

9.   How to use empowered objects for self-healing and transformation. These objects are empowered by the monks and nuns of the  Emei Lineage and are precious, rare tools for healing oneself and others. They naturally absorb and neutralize energy information that causes deterioration. They protect the healer and neutralize any residual diseased energy information in the healer’s environment. Consequently, the healer has no need for daily energy cleansing, nor is it necessary to cleanse the empowered objects.

Day two

1.   Wuji Gong practice

2.   Timing for cultivating and practicing Qigong

3.   Place for cultivating Qigong

4.   Emei Qigong’s view of human illness

5.   Emei sacred healing sounds. These sounds provide a powerful internal organ self-massage. They balance and harmonize the energy of the internal organs.

7.   Emei sacred healing sounds practice

8.   Empowered object sitting meditation

9.   Group healing.  If you have friends or family members who are interested in having a Qigong healing, you are welcome to have them join the group healing. The fee is $30 for each person, which is not included in seminar fee.

Day three

1.   Wuji Gong practice

2.   Emei sacred healing sounds practice

3.   The basic concept of yin-yang

4.   Taiji – a simplified in-depth explanation

5.   How to sustain happiness

6.   Human body life energy field

7.   A layman’s view of karma

8.   Method to transfer and clear diseases. Many healing methods are effective for treating illnesses, but they are temporary. They suppress the illness only for a time, and they do not eradicate the root cause of the illness. Consequently, when the conditions are right, the illness will reactivate. The subsequent illnesses are fiercer and more difficult to treat than they were initially. The self-healing method to transfer and clear diseases eradicates illness at its root, transfers it to another place, and then extinguishes and dissolves the diseased energy information. This is entirely different from other methods, which merely suppress the illness.

9.   On gathering qi from trees

10. On detecting and identifying disease via the bodily senses

Day four

1.   Wuji Gong practice

2.   Disease qi disperses and universal qi enters

3.   Practice transfer and clear diseases method

4.   Qi transmission methods

5.   Universal mantra qi transmission

6.   Empowered objects for healing others

7.   Practice in groups

8.   Comprehensive healing practice (if time allows)

Level I is the foundation of all the higher-level Emei Qigong training. But even if you do not want to go further, you will benefit greatly from the many effective methods taught in Level I, which you can use for yourself and to help your family and friends. As you may be aware, we don’t do that much to promote Emei Qigong to the public. We believe that people who have the karma to learn this treasure will find their way to us, instead of us finding them.

When people are serious about finding the real Qigong, a Qigong with depth that can be followed a long way, surely they will discover Emei Qigong. In the future, Grandmaster Fu will be withdrawing from teaching Level I. The responsibility for teaching Level I is currently being assumed by senior students who have trained extensively with him and taught the seminar under his supervision before being given authorization to teach on their own. Therefore, if you want the opportunity to take the Level I training with Grandmaster Fu in person, please arrange your schedule to do so now. Grandmaster Fu will continue to teach higher-level seminars himself until his senior students are able to take over.

For the dates on seminars in individual cities, please see the entire class schedule.