Qigong Healing

Private remote Qigong healing session, also called energy healing sessions, are available for individuals and groups.  Please visit Marin Oriental Medicine to learn more about or schedule in-office or remote treatments.


Energy Healing / Remote Healing

The Power of Energy Healing – Remote Healing and In-clinic Sessions

Remote or Local Qigong Healing

Energy Healing healing sessions are an incredibly powerful treatment option.  Now, not only is modern science validating this ancient form of healing, but after almost 35 years of practicing energy medicine and remote healing, Dr. Devatara is seeing an ever greater demand and ever greater variety of benefits from this form of treatment.

Energy healing is particularly effective for acute and severe health problems, such as acute or intractable pain, chronic or acute infection, tumors, cysts and many chronic disorders.

For people who are not able to be treated on-site at our clinic, remote energy treatments are a very potent option. They can be just as effective and sometimes even more effective than in-clinic treatments. This is because the duration of the focused treatment time is longer than in clinical treatments, which gives the patient time to reach a deeper and longer-lasting state of relaxation. Within this time, the body’s physiology has more time to adjust and regulate itself. This duration allows for a state of balance and homeostasis to set in and become more established. Hence, patients often experience unusually profound realizations,  relaxation and a great “let-go” as the result of these treatments.

Multi-dimentional Benefits of Energy Healing:

  1. Targets acute or chronic physiological complaints
  2. Addresses mental suffering and the links between the physiology and the mind
  3. Releases from the body and mind from thoughts and beliefs that can inhibit the body’s natural ability to resolve illness and reestablish health
  4. Relieves pain and organ imbalances
  5. Transforms the root cause a physical or emotional discomfort and illness
  6. Allows the body to again access its innate balancing mechanism and regain homeostasis—our natural state of equilibrium.
  7. Eliminates minute and subtle thinking patterns may manifest as physical and emotional sufferings or illness, and sets free the natural ability of the  body-mind to experience a clear and positive view, happiness and bliss.

In-clinic sessions:

The frequency and duration of in-clinic sessions are determined based on the needs of each individual patient and their specific concern.

The session may range from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Distance Healings  / Remote Sessions:

Remote sessions are generally conducted over the course of one hour. The patient is able to rest quietly in the comfort of his/her own space. The effects of the treatments will be strongest during that hour, but will have profound lingering effects for days, weeks or even a lifetime. In many cases only one or two sessions can resolve acute pain or infection.


Preliminary Evaluation and Scheduling:

An initial phone conversation to discuss the patient’s needs and symptoms is required. This is free of charge. At that time:

—It will be determined whether you and your condition can benefit from Energy Healing, and if remote or in-clinic treatments is appropriate for you.

— For remote healings, a specific appointment is made and the patient must arrange whatever is needed for that hour to be one of complete, undisturbed relaxation

— At the time of the appointment , the patient is given instructions to follow during the treatment time

— Dr. Devatara may also give direction for cognitive practices, thinking patterns, physical practices or relevant dietary recommendations.

To make an appointment or to see if remote healing is a the best option for you, contact our office Marin Oriental Medicine



Kind Words:

I was five months into my pregnancy and suffered a severe kidney infection. When the attempts to use two different antibiotics to arrest the infection failed, I was put into the hospital. The doctors still could not prescribe anything that worked. We were concerned for the health of the child, not to mention my own persistent suffering: pain in my back and low abdomen, fever, and urinary discomfort, and being away from work. A good friend referred me to Devatara, and we were able to initiate a remote healing within a few hours. I was amazed to experience the pain subside almost completely during the one-hour healing. Within a few hours, my fever and other symptoms were resolved. I was totally astounded and grateful! Thank you so much, Devatara.

—Mrs. T. H., Chicago

My partner was undergoing great emotional pain and difficulty with bowel and urine function. No need to be clear about this, actually. Best to leave it vague. We had tried all the Western medical approaches to resolve these urgent concerns, but the medications didn’t react well with his primary prescription medicine. We were stumped. By heaven’s good graces we found Devatara, and her treatment made all the difference in the world. After only one session, he felt better. We requested several treatments over the next few weeks, and soon he was able to digest food and eliminate comfortably. He even began to gain weight again.

—D. K., California

I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder for months. The problem became severe when I was at my country cabin, far from any medical care. I felt like I couldn’t even drive to the nearest medical clinic one hour away, because the pain was shooting down my arm. I could hardly move it. I called a friend, who then contacted Devatara on my behalf. After a one-hour session, I felt so much improvement that I didn’t feel the need to rush to the doctor. After a follow-up treatment, I felt almost like new, and I could also feel a major emotional strain leave my heart and mind. This was truly helpful treatment.

—Mr. S.L., Colorado

I had been suffering from fatigue following the flu and couldn’t get back up to my regular energy level. For two weeks I had to nap during lunch and go straight to bed after work. I generally take good care of myself, eat healthy food, and exercise to stay healthy, but I just couldn’t get back to health. I decided to give Devatara’s treatment a try one evening, and the next day I felt a marked change. I was almost back to normal! I actually had plenty of energy to get through the day and through my evening activities. I requested a second treatment, and my fatigue totally resolved. In fact, I felt lighter and more clear than I have in many months. It was really great!

—Mr. M. C., Washington

I caught an “island flu” in Hawaii—actually a hefty bacterial respiratory infection—and spent almost a week in bed feeling miserable and wiped out. I had fever, a sore throat that led to a bad cough, and an excruciating earache. As the time to return home approached, I wondered how I would ever be able to get on a plane to fly back to California. The first long-distance session with Devatara ameliorated my symptoms significantly, allowing me to sleep through the night for the first time. The second was so effective that I was able to get out of bed the next day and have sufficient energy to pack, and I felt close to normal as I got on the plane. The clearing that enabled me to travel was near-miraculous. Bless you, Devatara.

—E.O., California

I live in Paris and found out about Devatara when I was experiencing a debilitation, acute pain in my side. I had just moved here and didn’t know a single soul. I recalled my friend had a very positive experience with Devatara’s remote treatments and, in desperation, I decided to contact her.

She was so responsive. Even though it was a Sunday night where she was, she went to work on me right away. I felt immediate relief! I couldn’t believe it!  I was able to get to sleep and stay a sleep. The next day there was just a little residual pain and she suggested one more treatment. After two treatments the pain was completely gone.

After our first session, Devatara told me what I needed to let go of in order to find relief from the pain. That helped so much! About one month later, I had a little of that same kind of thinking and the pain came back, but it was a very brief, little pinch. I was careful to implement the instruction Devatara had given me during our session to continue to let go of a particular type of thinking. Moments later,  I got up to go to the bathroom and passed a huge kidney stone! It was totally amazing!

Thank you Devatara! She is a true healer!

—E.M. PhD, Paris, France