Teacher and Healer

Dr. Devatara Holman DACM, MS, MA, LAc is Primary Care Health Practitioner specializing in Oriental Medicine, and a recognized Master of Qigong having studied and practiced this art since 1979. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and specialist in the physio-cognitive approach to healing and health. Devatara is exceptionally trained in the Oriental Spiritual and Healing Arts and is a long-time close student of Grand Master Fu Weizhong, Head of the Emei Linji Chan Lineage. She his also a recognized Dharma teacher in the Dzogchen school of Tibetan Buddhism, a close, long time student of H.H. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche and first primary teacher, Osho. She speaks Chinese fluently and lived in China, Tibet, and India for almost a decade during the 1980’s where she began her studies of the practical integration of medicine and spiritual practices.

Her understanding of both Eastern methods and the Western mind makes her uniquely capable as both a healer/health practitioner and a spiritual teacher. She has dedicated her life to the benefit all beings and to providing a bridge for demystifying and applying the highest Eastern principles of physical health, emotional heath, and spiritual development to the full spectrum of human experience.

Devatara began her training in the Emei Tradition while living in China and Tibet during the 1980’s. She now teaches widely and treats patients in her private clinic, Marin Oriental Medicine, in Sausalito, CA.