Sacred Healing Sounds

The vital organs of the human body are constantly vibrating, maintaining their own frequencies. These frequencies reverberate as sounds. The ancient adepts were able to perceive these sounds and describe their character.  In the Emei Lineage we recognize the sound of the Heart is like the sound of a fire burning; the sound of the Lungs is like the sound of metal hitting on metal; the sound of the Liver is like wood knocking on wood; the sound of the Spleen is like stone knocking on stone; and the sound of the Kidneys is like the sound of a stream flowing. These are the natural sounds within the universe of human body. If we could amplify these vibrations to hear them clearly, they would resound together in concert, a rhythmic performance of the music of life.

When the body is healthy, these deep, sonorous  sounds of the organs reverberate harmoniously together, with consistent patterns and full rhythms. When the emotional or physiological state changes, so to does the vibrational patterns of the organs. They loose their harmonic balance. The sounds function together just as small orchestra. If one instrument is out of tune, the entire orchestra seems out of tune, and struggles to re-aline and regain a harmonic frequency and tone.

The wisdom and practice of the Sacred Healing Sounds is a gift handed down from antiquity. Maintained for its effectiveness, form many generation and many centuries,  the Great Emei Lineage holders have passed on the blessing of this treasure-practice.  Now its blessing is available to the modern lay population.

Effects of Practicing the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds

1. Each sound directs a stimulus that targets a corresponding internal organ .

2. The yin and yang qualities of these sounds provide a vibrational massage to the corresponding organ.  By combining the multifaceted benefits of breath with the pre-birth energy of the organ and body, these sounds engage an internal organ massage that assists the organ in regaining its natural, healthy vibration and harmonizes it with healthy rhythms in other organs.  While one might externally apply massage to muscles, tendons and meridians to promote healing, only the deep internal vibration of the healing sounds can provide this kind of skillful and fully harmonizing organ massage.

3. The vibrational massage created by the healing sounds, not only helps to regulate the functions of the organs, but also more external symptoms such as pain, swelling, numbness, tension, anxiety, and worry dissipate and resolve. These signs and symptoms appear as the result of imbalances in the organ functions and thus resolve with the balancing effects of the Sacred Healing Sounds.

4. The Healing Sounds Practice provides a curative effect from both the vibrational massage of the organs and by virtue of the benefits of deep breathing exercises.

5. The healing sounds combine with breathing to adjust any imbalances in the energy fields of the organs and stimulate their individual and collective balance.

6. According to the “The Grand Theory of Yin and Yang” the fine essence or subtle energies of the individual organs each have their own specific character.  The Liver energy ascends; the Heart energy descends; The Spleen energy aggregates; The Lung energy opens, and the Kidney energy disperses.  The Healing Sounds practice has the unique capability of stimulating the proper energetic activity in each individual organ.

7. When illness is present in the body, it is not a simple matter of only one organ or organ system being out of balance. Illness presents as the result of the entire body system being out of order. When one organ looses its balance, other organs fall out of balance, as well. And in healing, it is not enough to focus only on the primary organ presenting in the signs and symptoms. All organs and systems must be assisted to properly regain overall health and balance. The practice of the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds has the unique capability of promoting the re-balancing of all of the organs and organ systems to more quickly and effectively reestablish health.