Overview of Techniques

The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong

The book “The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong” describes in detail many of the healing methods taught in the Level I training. Presented here is an overview of the some of the healing methods used in the Emei tradition.

Wuji Gong

Wuji Gong is a tremendously simple self-healing practice. It is movement and it is meditation. It provides the benefits of both physical exercise and sitting meditation, but also much more. It provides calms and relaxes the body and mind, improves concentration and provides profound physical and psycho-spiritual healing. This powerful and unique practice is appropriate for all ages and types of people, novices and experienced practitioners alike.

Sacred Healing Sounds

Each internal organ of the body naturally maintains a certain vibration which marks its level of health and ability to function in harmony with the other organs.  Using breath and sound, the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds harmonize the vibrations of individual organs and sychronizes their function with the healthy function of other organs and tissues in the body. These sounds provide a notable calming and yet energizing effect, removing the residual physiological affects of previous thinking and karma, expanding our mind and freeing the organs and tissues. In modern life when time and space for practice are seemingly so hard to find,  this effective form of self healing is easy to apply and always accessible.  It can be used while driving or doing household tasks,  relaxing or meditating.   Everyone, whether healthy and sick, can benefit from listening to and practicing with these sounds.

Empowered Objects

The empowered objects of the Emei Qigong lineage, have been infused with nearly 5,000 ancient symbols and mantras. The emit highly positive information energy and absorb and neutralize information energy that allows deterioration to occur.  They are powerful healing tools and are effectively used to transform illness, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, circulate blood and Qi, adjust external fengshui and more.


This healing method combines the use of Qigong and acupuncture techniques. By maximizing the advantages of both of these highly developed healing modalities, one can provide powerful treatment to oneself and others. It can be used for one-on-one healings or for healing large groups at one time.  Meta-acupuncture is also a highly effective  remote healing method.

Universal Mantra Qi Transmission

The Universal mantra is a special code language that communicates with and mobilizes the Universal energy. For this reason, it is also called “true language”,  the everlasting language of the Universe. Using this mantra to heal   oneself or others can provide numerous and profound advantages that are unattainable through other methods.

Yi Jing & Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method

Through this method a practitioner can develop the ability to determine the precise thinking and circumstances that later gave rise to a pattern of illness in the body. Through this understanding, and the application of proper technique, an individual can resolve previous imbalances in one’s thinking and thus remove the program giving rise  illness. If one is unafraid of examining ones own previous thinking and dedicated to transforming thoughts that give rise to suffering, than truly miraculous psiylogical changes can occur with this practice.